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You can request that an Email message be sent to you containing information about how to reset your Password for access to NorthshoreSoccer.org by entering your SiteName, corresponding Email address below, and clicking Request:

Reset Password
  1. The SiteName is the EXACT name (First+Middle+Last) that you used to register with the Northshore Youth Soccer Association (spaces/blanks are ignored). If you specified a Middle Initial or Name, it MUST be provided (as well as any Suffixes you may have specified).
  2. Your User definition on NorthshoreSoccer.org must be unlocked and your Status, as a member, must permit you to logon.
  3. The Email address you provide must be on file and associated with the Sitename.
  4. The SiteName is NOT case sensitive, but must contain the precise combination of letters that make up the name on file
  5. A successful comparison on Sitename and Email will generate an Email message to the specified Email address containing instructions to complete the Password Reset