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The Site is primarily dedicated to providing information to support its membership and the AssociationTerm programs. As a result, much of our Site is restricted to access by NYSA Members only, who can identify themselves via the Site Logon function.

However, we are pleased to offer the general public the following information:

About NYSA
General background information about our Association
Board of Directors
Our current Board of Directors is elected from amongst the membership with terms beginning each Calendar Year
We publish a Calendar of upcoming events related to the Association
A collection of Frequently Asked Questions about the NYSATerm, it's policies and procedures
Field Locations
For those trying to locate one of the fields in our area that we schedule matches at, a summary of the Playing Locations (fields) that our teams use is available on the site (as well as the abilty to obtain a map to get there from wherever you are)
We operate a physical office to coordinate NYSA activities, which is open during specific operating hours
Ref Evaluation
Complete an Evaluation of a Referee at a Match that you observed
Basic information about registering to play within the NYSA, fees associated with Association participation, etc.
Select Programs
Basic information about the NYSA's Select programs and the general goals of the program
A list of the Terms and definitions associated with them that we use on the SiteTerm

If you cannot find the information that you are looking for in this public area of our Site, contact the NYSA Office via Email at Office@NorthshoreSoccer.org.