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Upcoming Events and Activities (as reflected in the NYSA Calendar) are available to you from www.NorthshoreSoccer.org in an iCalendargoing (Internet Calendaring and Scheduling) format.

Calendar based information is available as a simple text file iCalendar or as a Downloadable file download with an .ICS extension (with Content-type and Content-Disposition headers).

NYSA Calendar Events

Scheduled Matches for a Team

Subscribe to the Calendar

To Subscribe, Right-Click the applicable format/hyperlink above, then "Copy Link Location" (for most Browsers), and use the resulting URL to Subscribe to the Calendar from your favorite Calendaring program (see WikiPediagoing for a partial list of programs supporting the iCalendar Standard).

We strongly encourage you to Subscribe to the iCalendar so that any changes to the information will be dynamically obtained in the future (under the control of your chosen Calendaring program). If you choose to utilize the iCalendar information in a different way, you are responsible for periodically updating or refreshing the information.

A General Observation

During implementation and testing, it has become apparent that the general adoption of the "ICS standard" remains an elusive goal. For this reason, exactly how you should use the preceding links, exactly which format you should use, and in what way is completely driven by your chosen approach (program...). This is further complicated by the fact that different versions of the same calendaring software may handle the ICS files differently.

In an attempt to help you with the known status of the RidgeStar based ICS file usage, we have either directly used or have been informed that the following mechanisms do work successfully (as of 4 Sept 2017)

  1. Google Calendar
  2. Fedora's Thunderbird (3.0.10) with the Lightning (1.0b2pre) Add on
  3. Windows Thunderbird (11.0) with the Lightning (1.3) Add on
  4. WinCal
  5. Microsoft's Outlook 2010
  6. Microsoft's Office 365 accounts with iOS, Outlook 2016 and Windows Calendar.

If you have success with a Calendaring Client, please let webmaster@NorthshoreSoccer.org know so we can maintain this list properly.