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Please select the NYSA MatchTerm you personally observed during the previous 15 days by setting the appropriate Criteria and clicking "Show". Click on the Match Number in the "Key" column to see the details associated with the Match. You can initiate an Evaluation of the center Referee for a specific Match by clicking on the appropriate symbol nysa in the proper row and column intersection.

KeyDateTimeLeagueGenderLevelFieldTeams Evaluate Ref
6171910/20/20182:00 pmD2BU13North Creek #2Sounders vs FC Elitenysa
6168810/20/201812:30 pmD2GU13North Creek #2Cougars vs IFC G06 S...nysa
6169310/20/201812:30 pmD2GU13Inglemoor HS Baseball TurfPanthers vs Eastlake...nysa
6169710/20/201811:00 amD2GU13Inglemoor HS Baseball TurfFirecrackers vs Kirk...nysa
6172210/20/201811:00 amD2BU13North Creek #2Chargers vs Fall Cit...nysa
6169610/13/20182:00 pmD2GU13North Creek #4Firecrackers vs Carn...nysa
6168710/13/20182:00 pmD2GU13North Creek #2Cougars vs Juanita '...nysa
6171810/13/20182:00 pmD2BU13North Creek #1Sounders vs Eastlake...nysa
6168210/13/201811:00 amD2GU13North Creek #2Bothell Panthers vs ...nysa
6170310/13/20189:30 amD2BU13North Creek #2Vipers vs IFC B06 E ...nysa
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