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Do games get cancelled for weather?Printable

Soccer is played in almost any weather.

Games 'called' on the field

At the field, games can only be 'called' by the referee. The referee will evaluate the weather situation and decide if it is safe to continue play.

Field Cancellations

NYSA contracts with several different agencies for fields. Use of a field may be cancelled at the last minute due to weather conditions, etc. Some fields have weather phone lines, but some do not. The weather phone lines are posted below.

NYSA will email coaches notifying them of unexpected situations. Please keep your email address current.

Weekly Check Your Game Schedule

Please check your game schedule on the NYSA website each Wednesday night and encourage parents to do the same before each match. Any field changes NYSA receives by Wednesday noon will be posted on the website and it will be the home coach's responsibility to notify the opposing coach of the change. Any field changes NYSA receives after Wednesday noon will be communicated to the home coach by email. (NYSA will contact all Club Referee Assignors who will make the necessary referee changes.)

Field Closure Telephone Numbers mowlawn

Northshore Athletic Fields: 425 486-7333
Northshore School District fields: 425 408-6020
City of Bothell: 425 489-3388
Forsgren Park: 425-388-6030
All other fields: Any field closures will be posted on NYSA website.

City of Bothell fields are Doug Allen fields and North Creek Fields.
Northshore Athletic Fields are also known as the Little League Complex.

Updated Jan 2014