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How do I register a player if I missed the Open Registration dates?Printable

Open Registration is usually in April and May (Check Information: Calendar as dates may vary from year to year). Fees are discounted $15 during Open Registration.

If you missed the Open Registration time period, you can still register, but registration is on a space available basis so players may or may not be able to be rostered back to their previous teams. Registration continues all summer and even after the season begins as long as space is available.

Registration during this time period can be done online on the NYSA website, via mail, or in person at the NYSA office.

To register online, log onto the NYSA website with your parent SiteName and password and click on Parent/Registration/Select Player.-> This page lists the players in your household. Select a player to register and click on the Next button. Fill out the next screen's information and click Next and so on. You will then reach the Receipt page telling you "Congratulations!" and you can print this page as your receipt.

To register via mail, print the registration form-> and mail it with a check to NYSA, 12810 NE 178th St, Suite 202, Woodinville, WA 98072. All new players must present proof of birth to the NYSA before a player is considered 'Registered'.

Come to the NYSA office Monday through Thursday between 9:00am and 2:00pm to register your player. Someone is generally in the office on Fridays between 9:00am and 2:00pm, but not always so you might want to call first if you want to come in on a Friday. Be sure to bring Proof of Birth so that your registration can be completed.

All new players must present proof of birth-> to the NYSA before a player is considered 'Registered'. A copy can be mailed or presented to the NYSA-> Office during normal office hours, or you can use the Member/Paperwork/Upload-> page to upload a scanned copy of the document to NYSA.

Updated Jan 2015