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What is required as proof of birth?Printable

Washington Youth Soccer requires that NYSA sees a player's proof of age to complete their initial registration. NYSA only needs to see the player's proof of age once during their playing career with NYSA. NYSA does not kept the player's proof of age, but records that it has been seen.

Proof of birth documents are:
a) Certified birth certificate (hospital and baptismal certificates not acceptable)
b) Passport
c) Driver's license
d) Uniformed Services ID and Privilege Card (DD Form 1173)
e) Birth registration issued by appropriate government agency or country
f) Board of Health records
g) Alien registration card issued by the US Government
h) Certificate issued by Immigration/Naturalization Service attesting to age
i) Certification of an American citizen born abroad issued by appropriate government agency.

Scanned documents can also be uploaded to NYSA by clicking on Parent: Paperwork. Choose the player you are submitting the birth certificate for and click "Set". Then click Upload -> .

Places to get a Birth Certificate
If your player was born in Washington state, you can get a certified birth certificate at any county health agency (does not have to be the player's county of birth).
Snohomish Vital Records, 3020 Rucker Ave., Everett, is convenient for people living in the Northshore area. Click on the arrow for their website -> .
Get King County's Vital Records information by clicking on the following arrow -> .

You can also order a Washington state birth certificate online (click on the following arrow -> ), but many people have found the quickest way is to drive to Everett. It takes about 15 minutes to get a copy of your player's birth certificate once you get there.

For non-Washington state birth certificates, one of many birth certificate websites is www.vitalchek.com (click on the arrow to go that website -> ).

Updated Feb 2012