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What is the difference between recreational and premier & select teams?Printable

Washington Youth Soccer's view (and NYSA's) of recreational teams is "encourage play for fun for older children and development of skills for younger children". These are 'everyone plays' type teams. Select teams are composed of players selected for their playing ability, and, though there are still rules on playing time, the emphasis is on forming competitive teams.

NYSA recreational teams are available for U6 to U19 players. Recreational teams are formed around school attendance areas, with no consideration given to a player's ability.More

Premier and Select teams are composed of players selected for their playing ability. Players desiring play at a higher skill and commitment level participate in tryouts to be selected for a Sound FC premier team or NSC select team.

Premier teams (for players interested in more commitment and a longer season) starts at U9, with teams formed/administered by NYSA's Sound FC. Sound FC teams are active year round starting in June, with the season culminating with state cup play (February for boys U16-18 & April for everyone else). The coaches are paid.More

Select teams (for players wanting the higher skill level, but less commitment and a shorter season) starts at U10, with teams formed/administered by NYSA's NSC Club. NSC teams are active from June to through the end of regular season in mid-December. The coaches are volunteers.->

Updated May 2019