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Requesting a Team When RegisteringPrintable

Returning Players With a Team Request

A returning U06-U10 Player's team from last year will appear in the Team Requested selection #1 as long as the player's birth year is the same as their team. If it is the same and the player wants to return to that team, no changes are necessary. If the team from last year does not appear in the Team Requested selection #1, the player will need to choose a new team. In this case, the appropriate team choices will be available in the pulldown menu. (see below)

New Players With a Team Request

New Players may use the Team Request pulldown mechanism to request assignment to a specific team, or choose more than one in order of preference. Use the 'None Apply See Comments' choice if you don't know the team name or number and list the team name/coach/specific player name in the Comments area. Please limit to one or two players.

Using the Online "Team Requested" Pulldowns

You can choose up to three Team Requests. The Team Requested options (referenced as Pulldowns in the web form) permit you to specify (in priority sequence) how you'd like the registration to be processed.

  1. Team ID/Team Name/Gender/Team Level

    If you want to be returned to your prior team at the level the team is listed at, simply leave it specified as Team Requested #1. If you'd like to request a different team, click on the pulldown arrow for Team Requested #1. Please make additional requests in Team Requested #2 & #3 in case your first choice is not available. If the desired team has no open spots, do you want to be returned to your previous team? If so, list that team as choice #2, etc.

  2. Any

    Select the 'Any' choice if you would like the Player assigned to any team at the proper Gender and Age level that has open Roster spots. We DO attempt to group Players by local neighborhood and Elementary schools.

  3. Refund

    If you ONLY want a specific team(s) and and do not want any other team, you may want to select the Refund option as your second, or third, choice. NYSA Registration will attempt to satisfy your request, but if it is not possible your Registration fee will be refunded to you.

  4. None Apply See Comments

    There are a few circumstances where this choice will apply:

    1. Your team level is a year ahead of your birth year and you want to play at your actual birth year level.
    2. Player could not be placed on a team in home club last season and wants to get back to a team in that club.
    3. Player has moved to a new club and wants to move to a team in that club this season.
    4. You don't know the name of the team and want to request to play with a certain player.
    The drop down list will not show teams in other clubs, so you will need to select this choice and then use the Comments field to tell us you moved, or you want to get back to your club. You can also use the Comments field to list one or two players your child would like to play with or if you are willing to coach.

Notes on Pulldown Use
Requests for team placement need to be complete! Look at your choice in the last pulldown you completed. Will this team choice give the Registrar enough information to complete your registration if the previous pulldown request cannot be fulfilled? (Be aware that when the number of requests exceeds available spaces on a team, placement will be made using the priority formula specified in the NYSA Registration Policies.)

Notes about Processing Registration Requests

While we strive to satisfy as many Player requests as possible, it is just NOT possible to satisfy them all. There are certain guiding principles that we follow and we ask that you recognize the difficulty associated with registering all 5,000+ players. That said, the following principles apply to the Reassignment process:

  1. Players cannot be placed on teams contingent on any other player's reassignment request.

    Please use only the criteria listed in these instructions in your request.

  2. There will be no special notification of reassignment results and parents can view rosters sometime in July on the website.

    Coaches are told to contact players any time after rosters are released in July. If you have not heard from a coach by early August, feel free to call the coach directly. Go to Parent: Players to view the team information.