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What is the uniform policy for U9 and above teams? Is team sponsorship allowed to help with the cost of uniforms?

U9 to U12 teams can have any combination of your club colors. It does not have to be the exact solid color; it can be any pattern, variation/shade or combination of your club colors. Each club has at least 2 main colors.

Teams are strongly encouraged to add their club logo to their uniforms. See your club page on the NYSA website.

Yes, sponsorship is allowed from any business. If teams want to display company logos or business names on team uniforms or any team apparel, approval must be obtained by the NYSA Registrar. Email Registrar@northshoresoccer.org.

If the sponsor wants a receipt for the donation, the funds donated must be deposited into the team account through NYSA. NYSA will then reimburse either the vendor or the purchaser.