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Play Down for Medical Reasons PolicyPrintable

Apply to WA Youth Soccer

A parent of a child who is considering participating in Washington Youth Soccer playing small sided, or recreational soccer may request a medical play down exception to allow the player to play down in age one year if certain criteria are met. See the following documents for more detailed information. Please send the paperwork below to WA Youth Soccer and notify the NYSA Office that you are requesting a medical play down for your player.

Per email from Hillary Beehler at WA Youth Soccer on 8/11/2015:
A medical play-down essentially treats the player like they are the same age as the rest of the team, not increasing the age of the team. Matt Moran also just checked the 2015 Recreational Cup rules we have just posted and we specifically call out medical play-downs as exempt from rules about over-age players.

In short: medical play-downs, once approved, are allowed for players on recreational teams that want to enter the Recreational Cup. A team would continue to play U13 with the U14 medical play-down player on the roster.

Updated March 2018