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Can high school girls on NSC teams play in the Recreational Cup?Printable

The answer is no.

Typically the select and premier teams in NSC and FCA begin their team training before the Rec Cup is completed. Per WA Youth Soccer, a player may participate with only one team at a time.

From an NSC perspective this is fairly straight forward. NSC HS Girls are supported and encouraged to play for United, if they choose, during the Fall season. However, these players are not eligible to play in the Rec Cup and must return back to their NSC team at the conclusion of the United regular season. This protects the NSC coach who needs their players back to start their season. ....(per Jason Grubb, NSC VP Competition 10/17/2014)

Per http://www.washingtonyouthsoccer.org/tournaments/state_cup_tournaments/rules

H) Players may participate in any of the four state cup tournaments but in
only one tournament at a time and on only one roster in each state
tournament regardless if age groups are scheduled at various times of the
seasonal year. A team must be completely finished with their state cup
tournament before a player from that team is eligible to participate in a
different state cup tournament. Players may not play on a team in a lower or
equal level tournament if they have played in a higher level state cup
tournament in the same seasonal year. Any player on a team advancing to a
regional or national competition is ineligible to play for another team. For
players entering the State Championships they must meet the US Youth Soccer
National Championships Series Rule 224

Updated Jan 2015