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During Injury time what should non-injured Players do?Printable

It is common practice among coaches to encourage players to 'rest' during an injury stoppage, often taking a knee or gathering together for a quick word of encouragement.

While this makes a great deal of sense in hot and humid conditions, when the weather turns cool "resting" often places the children at greater risk for injury.

In cold or cool conditions, athletes not sufficiently warmed up or stretched suffer a higher rate of muscle pulls, tears, and generally suffer contusions with more damage. During any injury stoppage in these types of weather conditions (Cool/Wet), have your players stretch lightly, or, if cold enough, jog lightly in place, moving their arms to keep their heart rate up and muscles sufficiently supplied with blood and oxygen.

Not only will their young bodies appreciate the extra activity, it keeps their attention and enthusiasm for the game more intact with fewer distractions.

As always, applaud the injured opponent upon their recovery or removal from the pitch.

Updated Jan 2014