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With the exception of a few paid office staff, NYSA is run entirely by its wonderful parent volunteers. When a new team is formed a parent volunteers to coach that team. Some times a grandparent, sibling, or high school student volunteers to coach a team. Without a volunteer to coach, NYSA would not be able to field teams and kids play soccer.

Sometimes parents worry that they do not have enough soccer knowledge to coach. NYSA has many resources for it's coaches and the majority of coaches throughout the years have started with just enthusiasm!

Other times parents feel they do not have enough time to coach a team. The coaching duties can be shared with more than one parent (i.e. co-head coaches), and (when you think about it) you will probably be there watching all your child's activities so participating as a coach does not take that much more time.

In extremely rare instances NYSA has to disband a team when no one volunteers to coach. NYSA will then refund the player's registration fees. That is a sad event, but NYSA cannot function without volunteer coaches!

Updated Feb 2012