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How and When are Referees Paid?Printable

How often do the Referees get paid?

NYSA pays referees monthly based upon the Match Reports filed by the referees. Referees file their match reports online on the NYSA website (Referee, Match Report) after they have refereed their soccer match. The amount NYSA pays referees varies by age level, type of match (i.e. Rec vs Select/Premier). and whether the referee was the center referee (CR) or assistant referee (AR). The amounts can be viewed on the NYSA website at Referee, Accounting, Match Fees.More

The Process

NYSA pays referees monthly at the end of each month (actually payment is made during the first week following the end of the month). Payment is made by check or Direct Deposit (please contact the NYSA Office, office@northshoresoccer.org, for the direct deposit form if you are interested in direct deposit). Remember NYSA pays based on the match reports filed online on the NYSA website, so make sure to file your match reports at Referee, Match Report.

Updated January 2012