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How does NYSA's Sportsmanship Program work?Printable

NYSA's Sportsmanship program began in 1994 to encourage good sportsmanship and to improve the "enjoyment" of the matches for all. When your team takes the field to participate in a games officiated by a NYSA referee, then the sportsmanship of the Coaches, Players, and the Sidelines (i.e. spectators) will be graded by the Referee on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being poor Sportsmanship, 10 being great).

NYSA has asked it's referees to use a 'standard' format of scoring with all teams starting the game with the highest score (i.e 10) and marking down, if necessary, for poor sportsmanship.

Each game's sportsmanship scores are then accumulated, summarized, and published on the NYSA website. Click on Member, Sportsmanship and then your age/gender level to see your team's sportsmanship scores -> . At the end of the season, the top boys team and top girls team from each club is recognized as the Sportsmanship Winners for their club.

The Real Reward

But the real reward of the Sportsmanship program is making the game more enjoyable for all participants -- players, coaches and fans.

THAT's Good Sportsmanship!

Updated Feb 2012